ELCE 8 (Emulator) Source Code

In 2006, I designed an Educational Emulator for Logic Circuits to been used in the universities to help student in building logic circuits and test them, and do some things related to the design process like the simplification. Here I finally decided to release the source code for whoever could use it to learn or to develop. 

Try and error is one of the most important principles that the learning process relays on. And the student can feel the real sense of the information he studies only if he can use a proper tools and utilities that provide him with the needed functionalities to not just see the information but also to try it and think about it and more over has dreams about, once he got that we can really say that he learned the subject and can apply this token knowledge in the real life applications which could be related directly or indirectly to the main subject he studied. That is what I was trying to offer for students in ELCE 8, to understand that the science is experiment, not just information.

* What is ELCE 8?

Educational Logical Circuits Emulator is computer software that aims to make the students able to design and test logical circuits, which are the base that used in designing of too many of electronic circuits we use today in our life. When using ELCE 8 student can emulate already built circuits and trace them step by step to understand how they work, and can also build new circuits and test them to see what will they result and the different effects of editing the designs which gives him a deep understanding for the designing process as whole. ELCE 8 also provides a collection of different tools that help him in the analysis process of the functions that control the circuits’ work.

ELCE 8 offers Graphical Environment that helps the student in the process of designing the logical circuits. This environment supports the usual features that MS-Windows supports. ELCE 8 provides the student with an engine for emulating the designs he made and sees their work life, also he can use this engine to trace the work of the circuit step by step and revising and analysing the results using time diagrams generator. The program supports a rich collection of elements that could be used in building and emulating the circuits. 

ELCE 8 contains a group of interesting analysis and simplification tools that are essential for logical functions design. With this emulator the student can build circuits and emulate them on fly by just type the function that controls the circuit working. 

ELCE 8 is also integrated with an advanced help system that provides the student with necessary information he needs to use the program and build his designs.

The code was written in VB.net 2003 for Windows XP (SP3). Later on 2013 I tried to open the source code in VS 2008 on Windows 7. I found that some parts not working anymore and I did some modifications; if you try to run the code now it will run just fine, but you may face minor ticks because of the difference of the versions of Windows and VS. Also, the original system was designed to work in a low resolution screens. So you might find some bugs in the appearance of the main screen.

Anyway, whether you are a beginner programmer or an expert one, you will find a lot of tricks to learn into that source code, and also you are free to use any part of the code you need in your projects without need to any former permission or even mention the original source. It’s my free gift for programming lovers.

Examples of things you might find into that source code can include how to build a designer from scratch, how to draw tools on the form using your own made components, you will find somehow a hierarchy for a simulation engine works with a very simple simulation langue i created that time, you will find a simple compiler that transfer the circuits diagrams into mediate language before transfer it into the simulation language, also you will also a full help files and help creating system. Additionally, there is a tool that build a full circuit to been emulated just by entering the function of the circuit, and you will find many other useful tools and many many tricks that I’m sure that one day you will need one of them.

You can download the full source code including all needed resources and also the documentation and the packaging project by clicking on the icon below.

Note: The File is safe, some browsers might alert you that it contains a virus because it contains an ".exe" file, it's false alarm and you can safely proceed with the download.

Download The Source Code of ELCE 8
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